Judith Wansley

Judith Wansley is an artist from Richmond, Virginia. Her interest in art began at an early age, before she was old enough to start school. When her parents realized her interest and abilities, they made sure there was always a ready supply of pencils, paper and crayons. She graduate from Hermitage High School in Richmond, Virginia in 1975 and briefly studied in the fine arts program at Virginia Tech and took classes in painting, sculpture and visual communications.

Judith Wansley works in several mediums, oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, and ink, oil being her primary medium. She has done many works on canvas, paper and on the walls of a private home. Her works consist of a variety of styles from cartoons on paper to large oils on canvas bearing the influences of artists from the renaissance era. She has also done some work in wood, clay, and wax sculpture.

Although she is a native Virginian, she was raised in a military household, which meant that traveling and moving around every couple of years was a part of her life. This brought her in contact with people, places and experiences that shaped and influenced her style of art. Judith Wansley lived in Italy for seven years, surrounded by the influences of the Italian masters. She also has an excellent command of the Italian Language. She taught conversational English to Italian students and functioned as a translator for many of the American military families stationed in Italy.

She had her first formal exhibit in Richmond, Virginia during the spring of 1998. In 1997, Judith Wansley worked as artistic consultant and designer in the making the of the Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church’s Historical Quilt, which was showcased in the “Speak to my Heart” Exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. The exhibit remained on display at the Smithsonian from 1998 through the year 2000. 

Her works are now in the homes and private collections of people in the United States and Europe and they are featured in the slide presentations that are shown during performances of The OneVoice Chorus for which she sings tenor. 

Judith Wansley currently works with the Gilpin-Jackson Ward Family Life Skills Center. She is the Director of Children’s Programs, and administrator of the city’s homeless overflow shelter. She teaches and oversees the daily workings of the After School Program and the Summer Arts Camp. The after school program’s primary focus is to assist the children with their homework and tutoring. The Summer Arts Camp is designed to expose the children to different visual art forms and spark their creativity with lots of hands-on work, while continuing with the academic component to strengthen their basic math and language arts skills. The Shelter functions as overnight shelter for the homeless during the winter months, and a connecting point for assistance from social services. 

Judith is also currently working with several authors including local author Iris Bolling, creating book covers for their literary works.

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